maandag 19 november 2012

Angel with Peas

The designs of Lucinda Guy are so happy and attractive, that after knitting my Blomma socks I just could not resist to make a little Angel à Pois, as it is called in the Interweave Holidays magazine it appeared in first. Lucinda's knits look as if they just stepped out of a sketch book, and it shows that she is inspired by the drawings of her partner and co-author, who is an illustrator. And even things that are not toys or decoration but garments have this look and feel - the sweater that Daphne makes for example somehow resembles a charcoal drawing. And how about this embroidered bag, from the same book?

Anyway, the Angel à Pois is definitely one of my favorites, and such a nice little project to make, with some handspun yarn in my case. (While wondering what the name was about, 'pois' being French for 'peas' I thought maybe it should be stuffed with peas - but Googling it I found that the 'bolletjestrui' of de Tour de France is called 'Le maillot à pois'.) And I really love to have her around now.

It is, however, a present for my sister and niece in New Zealand and will have to be mailed to them, but I don't think I can let her go. The only solution is to make a second one and keep it with me safely! That is, when I'm done making a few birds :) I guess it's about time to return to more serious business, like an unfinished cardigan...

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  1. Agree!! Your Angel is just too cute :-)
    Lucinda Guy also designed these gloves:
    some stranded colorwork with lovely embroidered details, fun to knit!

  2. Those are so nice as well! And I just discovered this bag:

    since loosing mine I have been looking for a new knitting bag some time now but couldn't find the perfect one - this may be it

  3. Beautiful Angel and lovely post. I really think you can't let her go!