zondag 8 april 2012

Easter Knits

S'nB de Pijp was invited to go to a knitting event at Selexyz in order to promote the new Easter-themed knitting book by Arne & Carlos.

As part of the event, we were to knit from the Arne & Carlos Breien op Hun Paasbest book which featured patterns for items like eggs and rabbits.  So, I combined the two into one.

The Bunny Egg
If you'd like to make your own bunny egg, the egg is the generic egg pattern from the book, and I added ears and a pompom tail.  The ears begin as a 4-stitch i-cord that increases to a 6-stitch i-cord, the end yarn tail is then pulled through all stitches, hidden within the ear, and then sewn at the base to the egg.

Other sweet patterns from the book include this lovely rabbit pattern.  This particular sample was knit by our very own Anna!

Anna's fiery rabbit.

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  1. I love the bunny egg Adri! Thanks for the improvement and for the lovely post