zondag 20 oktober 2013

Breidag 2013 at Groningen, Gezellig!

Wat een leuke ervaring!

It's the first time that the event takes place in Groningen, as far as I know, a very nice city in the north of the Netherlands. It was a good opportunity for my boyfriend and me to visit it. 

Most of the workshops and the stands were happening and opening respectively on Friday and Saturday, but the first workshop taught by Carol Feller would have its first session on Thursday and the last one on Friday. This one was really helpful and full of great advice to knit a seamless sweater.
On Saturday I also took the Double Knitting workshop from Daphne. A great new skill to learn from a wonderful teacher and friend!

It's the 3rd time I attend the Breidag, and without any doubt this has been the best one to me; due to its central location, in terms of being in an urban area and having places around, you could go to an ATM and then buy all the yarn that you wanted :)
The environment was really nice and you could see many crafters around the city decorating pillars, fences, benches with wonderful colors and textures, truly inspiring. 

This is part of my great experience told in images. I hope you like it, I really did.

We had a nice trip to Groningen with some of the teachers and organizers. 

(From left to right: Daphne Rubens, Loret Karman and Carol Feller)
Inside the Aakerk, an amazing building.
Daphne teaching in one of her many workshops. She was great!

Even one well-know artist went there to delight us with colors!

Kleur Atelier with many workshops and activities

I could hand-dye some yarn, it was a lot of fun!

Carol Feller introduced some of her lovely designs and Contemporary Irish Knits.

The city was full of crafts.

The yarn shop was quite busy on Saturday.

One of the many things I learnt at the workshop with Carol Feller.

Some of the treasuries we brought back home. The first knitting pattern from Daphne!!

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