vrijdag 5 oktober 2012

Learning to Knit Twisted Stitches with Daphne

Every Stich 'n Bitch meeting is full of tips and learnings. Last week Daphne, who was just back from her wonderful trip to Estonia, taught us how to knit this type of twisted-stitched by purling 2 together and then 1. She is knitting "My So Called Scarf".

Some of the projects we were working on last Wednesday:


Tot volgende keer!

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  1. re: video - is this stitch really a Twisted stitch? I'm not sure, don't know its proper name (who does? pse react).
    I'm knitting a cowl in the round, using half of the stitchpattern from the 'So-Called Scarf', only purlwise (at WS)